Working with files

Assuming you have connected to your site.

Getting info about a file

To get information about a file:

>>> file = site.images['Example.jpg']

where file is now an instance of Image that you can query for various properties:

>>> file.imageinfo
{'comment': 'Reverted to version as of 17:58, 12 March 2010',
 'descriptionshorturl': '',
 'descriptionurl': '',
 'height': 178,
 'metadata': [{'name': 'MEDIAWIKI_EXIF_VERSION', 'value': 1}],
 'sha1': 'd01b79a6781c72ac9bfff93e5e2cfbeef4efc840',
 'size': 9022,
 'timestamp': '2010-03-14T17:20:20Z',
 'url': '',
 'user': 'SomeUser',
 'width': 172}

You also have easy access to file usage:

>>> for page in image.imageusage():
>>>     print('Page:',, '; namespace:', page.namespace)

See the API reference for more options.


Note that Image.exists refers to whether a file exists locally. If a file does not exist locally, but in a shared repo like Wikimedia Commons, it will return False.

To check if a file exists locally or in a shared repo, you could test if image.imageinfo != {}.

Uploading a file

>>> site.upload(open('file.jpg'), 'destination.jpg', 'Image description')