Mwclient development is coordinated at Patches are very welcome. There’s currently no chat room or mailing list for the project, but don’t hesitate to use the issue tracker at GitHub for general discussions.

Development environment

If you plan to submit a pull request, you should first fork the mwclient repo on GitHub, then clone your own fork:

$ git clone
$ cd mwclient

You can then use pip to do an “editable” install so that your edits will be immediately available for (both interactive and automated) testing:

$ pip install -e .

Running tests

To run the automated tests, install the test dependencies and run pytest:

$ pip install pytest pytest-pep8 responses
$ py.test

To run tests with different Python versions in isolated virtualenvs, you can use Tox:

$ pip install tox
$ tox

Note that the test suite is quite limited yet. If you’d like to expand it by adding more tests, please go ahead!

Making a pull request

Make sure to run tests before committing. When it comes to the commit message, there’s no specific requirements for the format, but try to explain your changes in a clear and concise manner.

If it’s been some time since you forked, please consider rebasing your branch on the main master branch to ease merging:

$ git remote add upstream
$ git rebase upstream master

Then push your code and open a pull request on GitHub.