Implementation notes

Most properties and generators accept the same parameters as the API, without their two-letter prefix. Some notable exceptions:

  • Image.imageinfo is the imageinfo of the latest image. Earlier versions can be fetched using imagehistory().

  • Site.all*: parameter (ap)from renamed to start

  • categorymembers is implemented as Category.members

  • deletedrevs is deletedrevisions

  • usercontribs is usercontributions

  • First parameters of search and usercontributions are search and user, respectively

Properties and generators are implemented as Python generators. Their limit parameter is only an indication of the number of items in one chunk. It is not the total limit. Doing list(generator(limit = limit)) will return ALL items of generator, and not be limited by the limit value. Use list(generator(max_items = max_items)) to limit the amount of items returned. Default chunk size is generally the maximum chunk size.

Page objects

The base Page object is called Page and from that derive Category and Image. When the page is retrieved via Site.pages or a generator, it will check automatically which of those three specific types should be returned.

For convenience, Site.images and Site.categories are also provided. These do exactly the same as Site.Pages, except that they require the page name without its namespace prefixed.

>>> page = site.Pages['Template:Stub']   # a Page object
>>> image = site.Pages['Image:Wiki.png'] # an Image object
>>> image = site.Images['Wiki.png']      # the same Image object
>>> cat = site.Pages['Category:Python']  # a Category object
>>> cat = site.Images['Python']          # the same Category object